Sunday, 31 May 2020

More Masks..............

Till mid May, I was a little bit occupied with making masks for the community. I thank "The SEWA" organization for providing me an opportunity to help the community in the time of need.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Face mask

The COVID-19 is affecting a lot of people all over the world. There is a shortage for face mask. Even if you don't have disposable ones (as the stocks are out), sewing one made at  home with fabric makes life easier. It gives you some protection when there is a need for you to step out of your home. It can come in handy when you need a mask for dusting your home at a latter point of time too. After use just wash and its ready for another reuse (They are washable :-)). There are a couple of links in this post which gives a pattern to print and a tutorial to make face masks. The  video tutorials are very detailed and informative. With the help of the video and the template you could easily make washable fabric masks in a short time. Staying inside, sewing this mask for you and your community is a great way to spend your time and when you share these with your community, it is the great service that you could do at this needy time. I tried making them for myself, family and friends too.

Here are the pictures of the masks that I made.

The regular ones:

Reverse side of the mask

The ones with pockets for filters:

Pockets on the reverse side shown by inserted ruler

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Simple and attractive Kameez

I made this kameez - using the materials that came as a set (bottom, top and dhupatta). The fabric is cotton. Used the borders in the fabric to design the front look of kameez. This particular pattern comes out grear on fabrics worked with nice borders or contrasting borders.

A simple and attractive kameez
I like the way it turned out and so far one of my favorite one to wear! Also the color is great!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A yoke design for Kameez!

Here is a simple yoke for a kameez. If you have two different colores or even if the material is same colored (kameez and salwar), this kind of simple pattern always looks great!. I used the zari border and some chudi material that came with the dress for the yoke. 

A few rhinestones for a lovely finish. You could add your own laces and/or trims.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Anarkali For my Sweetie and a Tutorial!

Hi all! This is my first post in this blog. I like or you can say I love sewing.  My first post is a tutorial since I wanted to give a step by step guide to make this one as there are many persons, like me who want to try out and learn. So join me in my journey of creations and let's have a fun and fruitful sewing time making new clothes and sometimes upcycle the existing ones.

I love anarkali's - love to wear them whether it is a special occasion or regular. I feel that it adds some magic to me, making my day extra special. I did this anarkali style dress for my daughter. This was a special one for her birthday. I always make one special dress for her birthday and that is like kind of a tradition to me. Last month she enjoyed her special day with family and friends wearing this special dress and I am kind of posting this late after enjoying the Pongal holidays with mom and in-laws. She was the one designed and with her drawing and color suggestions.

I shopped for the materials in Pothys - got georgette for the dress  layers and for the top jacquard. I got silk net for duppatta, but used a part of it to make the shrug. After seeing the outcome, she changed her mind, asked for a shrug (she is not a big fan of chudi pants, she told she prefers leggings) and was very much satisfied. Here is a picture of the materials I used.

I came across a simple tutorial for shrug on catonalimb blogspot. Thanks Catherine for an easy way to make a shrug on a short time. I used her instructions and made this silk net shrug.

For the dress, I made a paper cutting for the measurements I needed for the bodice (the length from the shoulder to hip is a little long as my daughter wanted in this way, but can be reduced by 3 in.) and then used it to cut the body fabric. After making a simple paper cutting, I cut one of the shoulder portion from the neckline according to my sweetie's design. she wanted a single shoulder but later changed to another strap attached to it. (Sorry for the crumpled paper, I saved it from my son playing with that!)

Cut the lining too (I used crepe material) with the same measurements and stitch these two together. Serge at each and every step to prevent the edges from fraying. Then add a zipper and one shoulder strap to complete it. From the hip measurement, double the length for the first layer color which is orange i.e, if the measurement is 30 in, cut 60 in. length of orange material with a width of 71/2 in. (used 0.36 m of the orange material). Gather the orange layer and join it to the bodice. Next, double the length of orange for the black layer and cut pieces 71/2 in. wide to make 120 in. long (used 0.55 m ) and join the strips. When joining the orange and black material add a thin gold trim (used 1.5 m of the trim) which would give a extra glam for the dress. Similarly, double the length of the black one for red layer (cut strips of 71/2 in. width and stitch them to make 240 in. long, used 1.1 m) and add the gold trim (used 3 m)  too. And at the edge of the red layer, add a beaded trim (7 m). All the measurements given here includes a 1/4 in. seam allowance.

Now cut the plain orange lining (64 in. length and 20 in. height), serge the ends and gather. Join it to the bodice lining. When joining, I usually, sew the wrong sides of the lining facing the wrong side of the dress, so that my daughter doesn't complain about any pricking. It looks as if you made two dresses and sewn them together with the wrong sides of facing each other. 

The seams of the dress and the lining face each other.

This how the reverse looks!

Finally glue some rhinestones along the neckline, body and shoulder strap for extra special glitter. 

My daughter loved her twirly whirly anarkali (minus chudi pants) dress and here is the picture of it.

The original idea is to make Mommy and Me dress to wear on her birthday party. I finished hers and yet to do mine. She enjoyed wearing it on her party and everyone loved it. When I finish mine, would update here.